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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted July 11, 2009 at 14:20:43

arienc >> smaller lots: less distance for water and sewage to travel from the residences to the main lines, easier to collect waste.

Take a look on a map and tell me how close downtown homes are to Woodward Avenue? Then explain why you think new homes are so much farther away? If you can do that, you're either legally blind, or a liar. Furthermore, as I said before, water charges should be reflected in water bills, not property taxes. That way you only pay for how much water costs that you create.

>> less road space to be built, policed, maintained and cleared per dwelling.

Show me the numbers that says how much it costs to service suburban areas of the city. If you can't, then your basing your argument on nothing.

>> fewer/smaller parks and recreation facilities.

Which is more than made up for by bigger libraries, AGH, better transit, HECFI venues, etc. Do these services not count?

The truth is, both inner residents and suburban residents receive services, although the value of these is unknown. However, what we do know and what can be shown with REAL NUMBERS, is that inner city residents pay much less, more than 50% less in property taxes than new homeowners do. All you have to back up your arguments are guesstimates, not strong enough to be taken seriously.

Jason >> Please notice which part of the city has the HIGHEST rates in EVERY category.

The tax rate difference is only across old municipal boundaries, not within Hamilton proper. Thus inner city residents are still getting more for less than east end Hamilton, or the mountain, or the west end of Hamilton. If anyone is getting screwed over its these areas, not the downtown.

However, even with these lower tax rates across old communities, the tax rates are still only 10-15% lower than Hamilton, which is not enough to account for the 50%, if not higher value of these new areas home prices.

Show me actual numbers that detail the cost breakdown of servicing each community, how much is paid in taxes, otherwise your whole argument that inner city residents are getting screwed over is based on nothing but your opinion. That's fine if you are looking to convince like minded people, but it's not enough to convince people who like to know the truth. Very weak indeed.

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