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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted July 11, 2009 at 23:32:59

Jason >> You're simply wasting a lot of time here skirting the real issue staring at you - the OLD city of Hamilton pays MORE taxes than the suburbs.

Per household, the people who pay the least amount of TOTAL property taxes are the people who live downtown Hamilton. The homes are the least valuable and when multiplied against the higher tax rate, is still the lowest total tax bill. Do you dispute this?

>> With identical services offered in the entire area of the city with transit, it would make sense that the higher tax rates should be in the suburban areas to reflect the higher property values.

Property value x tax rate = tax bill

50% Higher property value x same tax rate = 50% HIGHER tax bill
50% Higher property value x higher tax rate = > 50% higher tax bill

Are you saying that people who already pay higher taxes for the same level of services should also pay higher tax rates as well?

>> the lowest property values in the poorest areas are paying a higher tax rate than the richer areas.

50% lower property values x 15% higher tax rate = .575% of higher property value TOTAL tax bill.

See, even with a higher tax rate (15% higher), it's still not enough to account for the 50% lower home values. The low value inner city homes are still only paying 57.5% of what the suburban homes are.

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