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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted July 12, 2009 at 17:06:56

Jason's article >> curb the long-held practice of relying on taxpayer subsidies in order to build low density, debt producing sprawl subdivisions

From the Spec article (

"average price of a detached bungalow on the Mountain was $212,191"
"west end bungalow averaged $245,900"
"In the east end, a bungalow averaged $167,885"
"centre of Hamilton...showing an average price of $153,932"

$245,900 x 1.587% = $3,902 average west end household tax bill
$212,191 x 1.587% = $3,367 average mountain household tax bill
$167,885 x 1.587% = $2,664 average east end household tax bill
$153,932 x 1.587% = $2,442 average downtown household tax bill

How can anyone say that the people paying the least amount of property taxes are the ones getting screwed over? How is that possible? Perhaps instead of basing taxes on the value of properties, the city should charge everybody the same tax, regardless of how much their house is worth.

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