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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted August 31, 2009 at 23:47:26

Quick Question!? How does one "resist gentrification"!?

Better question: should one resist gentrification? I've been doing some research on gentrification, and many of key assumptions in most critiques of gentrifications - especially that it displaces existing, and often poorer, residents - don't hold up under careful empirical study.

Scroll down to the sidebar on gentrification:

"A number of studies have suggested that the migration rates of gentrifying neighbourhoods are not significantly different from those of non-gentrifying neighbourhoods.

"A published study by Lance Freeman, an urban planning professor at Columbia University, actually suggests that gentrification makes it less likely that a poor resident will move out of a neighbourhood.

"The higher costs are offset by improving job prospects, increased safety, and better local amenities, both public and private.

"Contributing to the perception of displacement is the fact that urban neighbourhoods have high rates of turnover anyway, but that the people moving into a gentrifying neighbourhood are more likely to be affluent.

"At the same time, gentrification leads to increasing density. While less-affluent residents continue to follow their existing patterns of high turnover, affluent newcomers move into otherwise vacant buildings without having to displace anyone, but start to compose a higher proportion of an (also growing) total population."

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