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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted September 16, 2009 at 22:48:47


Great points. I'm guilty as charged for NIH Syndrome (see:, and that's why I'm interested in looking to integrate and/or adapt whatever functionality already exists.

However, I don't think a mishmash of wiki software, egroups and Google calendars is the answer. For one thing, each tool would have its own location, interface and learning curve, increasing the complexity for the users.

On top of that, the components would be (at best) very loosely coupled, meaning information would not flow freely or automatically between them. That adds an additional layer of complexity for users, and increases the risk of errors and omissions.

Perhaps the solution is to focus on developing code that glues together existing components in a way that facilitates ad hoc organizing.

Of course, the chief advantage to NIH is that sometimes, sometimes, you end up building something that's much better than the existing tools you decided to eschew (see: git).

It ultimately comes down to a business of clearly identifying and listing our requirements, and then searching for an existing tool that meets them. If no such tool exists, the best course is to create it.

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