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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted December 24, 2009 at 13:39:35

This is a responsible move by city planners but I do take exception to this criteria:

"This land will be used for employment purposes only, and specifically high technology, knowledge-based companies that want to be close to McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) and the world class research facilities like CanMet, the McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute, the new Life Sciences Research center, etc."

High technology is not improving our living conditions. I am not interested in new designer drugs or new time wasting gadgets. I am fed up with genetic modification research and the tinkering with our food. I'm drunk with all the additives within our water follies brewed. I'm sick of the surveillance society and our money manipulators mood. I don't need another TV set, a cell phone pet or virtual vetting twitter texting messengers so lewd.

I want clean wholesome food that protects me from ills. I want a green roof to prevent flooding when rain water spills. I don't need vaccinations from lab swine in a coat or social assistance programs that keep me afloat.

I want a job making old fashioned things, stuff that people need and prosperity brings. How silly folks look with those blue tooth's in ear. Do you have any clue how these make you look queer? Is this what we want from our innovation park? Earplugs and headsets or new wrist chips that spark?

You can have your high tech ridden GPS trap that runs you in circles headlong into crap. I'll be just fine embracing what really matters when your tech falls apart and you're cleft in IT's tatters.

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