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By Really? (registered) | Posted December 29, 2009 at 16:23:44

Bob Bratina said: "The loss of Assante Capital and Masters insurance is further evidence that upscale businesses would prefer that their customers and staff not have to mingle with the many discomforting and often menacing individuals who predominate in the core."

So what are you doing to fix it, Mr Bratina? Complain? Walk out of imperative votes that would keep more of these individuals out of our Ward? I have lived in Ward 2 since moving downtown from a Mountain Suburb about 6-7 years ago, and the menacing and discomforting individuals you speak of have grown in numbers and have become even more aggressive/'menacing' since.

If the City could stop dumping the 'working poor', elderly and/or disabled into our Core (and surrounding Neighbourhoods), perhaps then the Downtown could thrive!?

No wonder Banks & Investors will NOT invest in Hamilton. Poor People, the Elderly living on fixed incomes as well as those disabled folks living off assistance DO NOT SPEND MONEY! So why would LuLu Lemon/American Apparel/Gap/H&M/or even Winners want to invest millions in a Retail Outlet when NO ONE IS GOING TO SPEND MONEY THERE!? ...and how are we going to get Middle & Upper Class individuals with DISPOSABLE INCOMES into the Core to shop if they're afraid of all those same people the City keeps dumping in that area?

Maybe then people will WANT to stay living & working in Downtown, instead of bolting to their surface lot-parked cars and bee-lining it out as fast as they can (Thank God for One-Way Expressways)!

I'm starting to think Hamilton will implement Scooter Lanes before we ever get Cycling Lanes on our streets...

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