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By Balance (anonymous) | Posted December 31, 2009 at 00:36:56

You're right Councillor Brattina, business people don't want to be downtown at this time. So let's not loose them entirely. Give them a choice and they have decided to move. Should we limit their options and see them leave the City? Maybe it is about time that the City's Downtown Renewal group focussed more energy on helping the poor obtain employment then giving away taxpayer's money. I don't know the answer but it is high time to try something new, it has been 9 full years since amalgamation and little is improving. Would what improvements have occurred taken place without city dollars? I wonder, I always laugh at how the program's existence is justified by those who received a hand out. If the "people" in the downtown are the problem, then help them, instead of spending money on glorified projects, fancy street lighting and sidewalks.

With respect to MIP, I hope the City recoups their costs at a market value. I think it is a great re-use of the site in general.

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