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By Rod (anonymous) | Posted February 14, 2010 at 18:46:29

An avalanche of info. to absorb here, of course. That said, a few points. 1) Isn't consideration of BRT really a waste of time here? That really is little more than a variation of the B line bus service along this corridor, right?

It seems to me that we are looking at either light rail or essentially the status quo - and Hamilton has reached the stage, I think, where we need to confidently take the leap into the environmentally-friendly and economically sensible way of moving prodigious numbers of transit riders in a relatively compact urban milieu, that so many other comparitively sized cities, and especially in Europe, have already adopted.

2) I wonder if too many are making too much of the distance between King and Main streets as an issue in the event of one-way single tracks mirroring present busway routings on these streets? Things seem to operate reasonably well with the one-way routings with the buses, why not duplicate this with LRT?

3) And how about combining two single track LRT routes (westbound on King, eastbound on Main) west of McMaster, and continuing the line as a double track route on the former railway right-of-way adjacent to Cootes Drive, right into downtown Dundas? One would then have an LRT route stretching from Dundas all the way to Eastgate.

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