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By schmadrian (registered) | Posted February 15, 2010 at 07:01:28

grassroots: Maybe the only reason Eastgate is a terminus is because that's what it is now, there's an investment in place.

Now, I'm a little fuzzy here with amalgamations...but while Stoney Creek is now 'part of Hamilton', isn't Winona part of Stoney Creek? So how far east were you thinking, given that a good deal of the development we've seen over the past thirty years has been in this direction? (I grew up in both Stoney Creek and Winona, and the way the latter has exploded- Well, let's just say it makes me shake my head.) To Gray Road? DeWitt? All the way out to Fifty Road?

I'm being a little glib, yes. But not entirely.

I don't feel comfortable contributing to this discussion to much of a degree at all; I simply don't have any palpable grasp on the particulars. (And I have to say that I am beyond 'impressed' at the work that's gone into this, kudos to all those involved) But I will admit some general skepticism about the '800m' in reference to 20% of the population. As the population greys, and as more and more people use walkers, I think this reference is a little disingenuous...or maybe the result of wishful thinking. (Again, don't get me wrong: I believe LRT is the way to go, it's time Hamilton put on its big-boy pants and chucked the shorts.) This is where some of the pro-LRT advocates lose credibility in my eyes, by not being realistic (honest?) about the practical truths concerning who uses public transit and why.

That doesn't take away any of my respect for the energies applied to this report, or those being expended in the background towards bringing Hamilton into the 21st century, helping to reforge the city in a new image.

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