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By MattJelly (registered) - website | Posted February 17, 2010 at 08:56:06

Just a quick update on this EDP meeting:

Brian McHattie made a motion to set up a meeting with Marty Hazell and staff to take my suggestions into consideration and start working on them, see what's possible.

My suggestions were: a) to set up a group of students (similar to what the city has done in property maintenance) to regularly check up on the exteriors of vacant buildings and report findings to by-law staff b) to order a review of the complaints process to ensure that complaints are received and the person who makes the complaint is responded to, and c) that the Vacant Building Protocol be revised to require inspections of vacant buildings on a monthly basis as opposed to every three months.

Brian is setting up a meeting to discuss these options. I'll send out an update when that meeting happens, and I'll let you know what comes out of it.

These suggestions just address fundamentals- asking for more eyes to be on vacant buildings, and that the complaints process is in working order. Once that's taken care of, I'll be making further suggestions to improve the process. This is a starting point.

If anyone else has ideas about how the process could work better, share them!

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