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By canbyte (registered) | Posted March 24, 2010 at 10:19:45

Matt. I suppose the city should be happy that they got half a million bucks, net. What money do they get for all the public and religious buildings that pay NO taxes?

More Roads makes an intriguing suggestion (city buys derelict properties) - but he has to work out how much the city will have to invest in his idea. Assume wild guess - $100 million. Where does that come from? I think Hamilton now carries a debt of $400million. Could we really pull it off when what folks really(?) want is stadia, games, waterfronts, best city hall cladding, etc, etc.

Undustrial is onto something too. Rather than punitive taxes, could the city force positive use instead? Much better if it can be done. Any examples?

But again, why is nobody here addressing WHY the city is not conducive to downtown business development? Most here say in effect 1) build it and they will come (=typical left wing) OR 2) if you dont/ can't do something, you get punished (more right wing). Fix the 'why' and the problem goes away, no?

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