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By jason (registered) | Posted March 26, 2010 at 19:11:17

Here's another idea: downsize our roads and redirect some of our $40,000,000 per year roads budget to an LRT fund. Do we really need 7.2 lane km / person of arterial road?

yes, if you want to reap the rewards of having an all out booming economy and stellar economic growth like Hamilton has enjoyed for the past 4 decades.

Unfortunately, the only 'plan' in the works to welcome the Americas in 2015 is to clean up Hamilton's litter! YAY!

Well, unless they plan on closing down every Tim Hortons in the city and installing locks on all car windows they can kiss that plan goodbye.

Many people in Hamilton appear to be cynical about the possibility that their quality of life could be affected by ideas like LRT, bike paths or 2-way streets. We have to show them that their cynicism is unfounded by projects that really do help them. These need not be all that expensive.

So true. I'm going to check out a house that is for sale on Strathcona between King and Main this weekend. I can pretty much already say with 99.9% certainty that I won't be buying it. The house has a ton of potential and recent reno's along that block seem to indicate a healthy, redeveloping street. Lots of families have moved in.
I however, can't bring myself to moving my family off the quieter end of Strathcona North for the hellish existence between Main and King in their current state. If shovels were in the ground already for LRT and two-way streets, I'd probably overpay to buy that home. As things stand now, and look to remain for the foreseeable future, that block is completely useless to me as a place to call home.

Perhaps we need to convert Upper James and Wilson in Ancaster to 4-5 lane, one way freeways with timed lights. Once the property values are negatively affected along with the quality of life, watch how fast folks who live out there will start to understand what we put up with here.
Instead, Rousseaux on the way into Ancaster has nice big median round-a-bout type things to slow the traffic down. I drove out there recently and it's very comfortable to drive 45k through that stretch as you head right into the middle of their downtown. And yet their councillor is one of the first to yell and scream about any traffic calming measures in my part of the city. It's fine to treat my kids like roadkill, but not his.

Keep on truckin Hamilton.

Sorry, rant over.

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