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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted March 28, 2010 at 17:36:54

Kiely writes:

Bikes are part of the culture in Holland, not so much here. Do not expect equal return for equal investment when comparing biking in Canada to biking in Holland. Bike lanes will really only function for 2/3 of the year here (at best) and only see peak action for probably 1/3.

I'll admit that Amsterdam and Hamilton appear to be poor comparators. So let's come closer to home and compare Hamilton to Montreal. Montreal - a city in which being a pedestrian is an extreme sport, a city where red lights mean "take your left turn now" - put in curbed bike lanes and a public bike system in the past two years. And I've never seen so many cyclists in Montreal as I did last summer.

And there, too, goes the argument about winter weather: Hamilton is a bloody tropical paradise in January compared to Montreal.

And you don't need to be a crazy bike fanatic to cycle in this city in the winter. I don't own any lycra, I don't have fancy sun glasses, I don't own a long-tailed windbreaker and I don't wear a swoopy bike helmet. But I bike all year so long as the roads are clear, which means almost any day that it isn't actively snowing heavily.

Let's encourage the city to move ahead without the LRT: two-way traffic and maybe even bike lanes through the downtown.

[argh! why does the markdown system completely ignore my attempts to do block quotes? why does it hate me?]

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