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By Henry and Joe (anonymous) | Posted April 08, 2010 at 13:14:57

Hey Snyxer,

Interesting comment on the Stinson effect. Could you elaborate on what you mean by node-based and node-influenced? I see the image problem as a huge obstacle too. I see it among co-workers in GTA. Although many statements I hear are based on ignorance and stereotype, and a fear of being associated with poor people, there is a perception outside the community that is holding us back. I hear it all the time - its dirty - it smells - its ugly - the downtown is dangerous - people are scary - it's run down etc.
I like the waterfall billboard idea that was used as promotion, but what I'd love to see is a sign with 4 pictures.. 1)RBG trail 2) waterfront or waterfall 3) a bakery, 4) a restaurant patio -The text would be: Hamilton SMELLS....AMAZING

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