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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted May 23, 2010 at 00:35:04

Temp work eh, these places deprive workers their rights all the time, so be careful. There are numerous stories out there that workers have been injuried on temp assignments, then get denied access to WSIB. You can be terminated for asking a question about health and safety, as well. Still lots of grey area out there.

Good thing people like myself had the balls to go to Queens Park and speak about the numerous issue for workers in the precarious job market. Thus the passing of Bill 139, Temp Worker Bill.

Here are a few quick facts for your information:

Just a question but do you think you will get your stat holdiay pay, as if you had earnings in the four previous weeks, of the holdiay, you are entitled to something, or will you just not check it out or file a complaint, so that the abuses can go on, since the system is based on complaints.

Calculation for stat holiday pay:

earnings in the last four weeks

Say you earned 350.00.

then 350 divided by 20 = $17.50 for the Victoria Day Holiday. It is not much but I am sure that you could use this money, so stand up for your rights.

If you do not get your stat holiday pay and they threaten you with reprisal or will not give you anymore job assignments, for trying to enforce your rights, then maybe you will seek out my group.

I do see things, as week or so ago, I was downtown waiting for someone when a person who was blasted was trying to talk to people. Not that this person was threatening or anything, just annoying, as you could not even understand what they were saying.

I felt very sorry for this person, in a sense, that here is a human being, who hurts in someway, deep inside. Will this person seek out help, well maybe, but then again maybe not. How do we help these people, I do not know, they have to want to want help, so there is no easy answers.

But there are success stories, people can change:

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