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By Bliss (anonymous) | Posted July 06, 2010 at 10:18:11

Following the inane shenanigans going on at City Hall is like rubbing against a cheese grater. This City is run by a bunch of pompous, pathetically power-drunk cowboys. Eisenberger earns as much respect, and is as effective at providing no nonsense leadership as the Cat in the Hat. If their arrogant idiocy didn't affect the well-being of hundreds of thousands of people it would be amusing. spite of my views of Hamilton City Council, I too am gobsmacked. If the east mountain site is actually considered a viable option, council will once again prove weak and backward in the face of challenge. Sad sad sad....

Hamiltonians need to shake things up and election time is coming. It's our own fault if these inept bozos get back in.

P.S. Di Ianni is not a viable option

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