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By DanJelly (registered) | Posted July 06, 2010 at 11:12:29

That location is terrible. It isn't city building, it's not environmentally responsible, it does nothing for downtown, it's not economically sustainable from a city perspective, it encourages sprawl, encourages drinking and driving and isn't worth even $45 million of city money.

Anyone siding with Mr. Young and his Cats on this should give serious thought to what this will mean for your team. He's essentially blackmailing the City into forcing the team out of Hamilton proper and into the suburbs so he can jack up ticket prices.

I hope the Hamilton Police are paying attention. The east mountain will be a great place to set up RIDE program if this stadium goes there. Oh sure the City will run shuttles for Ticats games, but what about other events? You'll have to drive to get there, pay for an expensive cab ride or face a long HSR ride from the lower city.

"Driveway to driveway" essentially means they don't care about people who don't drive or people who want to drink responsibly.

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