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By Robbie K (anonymous) | Posted August 12, 2010 at 15:36:03

The one interesting thing I would like to see, is how the numbers break down on "losing 7 million a year" at West Harbour.

Follow me on this one for a sec. I think every one can agree that business men, particularly successful ones like Mr. Young think about money in a different way then the general population. Perfect example : Stocks. When a companies revenue is 3.6 million, but their targets where 3.9 million, their stock takes a hit. They look at it like they lost 3 million (that they SHOULD have made).

Now, I am curious if the TiCats will actually be -7 million at the end of the season, or "7 million less then we SHOULD be making at that East Mountain". Big difference. Hard to blame Young either way, but just curious. It is clear that Mr Young had a grand vision for the East Mountain for developing for his purpose (absolutly nothing wrong with that) - Something similar to what we all hope of the WH. Knowing this, I think its going to be extremely hard for the city to come up with something that works for the West Harbour for them. Parking Revenue and the like are small potatos. Young was probably willing to break even or take a slight loss every year on the team, provided revenue was generate from all the other items he (*thinks*) he would have been able to build.

Most likly this is the biggest reason he wont return to the table, what he needs is far and away to much for the city, not to mention that functioning on handouts is not a great way to run a business.

Just sayin..

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