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By Shempatolla (registered) - website | Posted August 13, 2010 at 15:25:44

"OUR GROUP" as you like to call it is every single citizen of the City of Hamilton. This project was never about a money losing football team. It is about the city being able to leverage its Future Fund along with provincial and federal partnership the Pan Am games to build some legacy sporting infrastructure in this community, and begin long over due revitalization projects in our core. The fact that the Tiger Cats were going to get a new stadium to play in was a bonus. They signed the original bid book that went to the Pan Am selection comittee with a stadium in the West Harbour as its focal point. They signed the Pan Am 2015 master plan when Southern Ontario won the games with a stadium in the West Harbour as its focal point. Bob Young is on record as saying he doesn't care where its build "we will make it work". He has yet to provide the city with one single document from his so called "experts" supporting his now contradictory tone on WH. He has yet to bring forward a single "expert" to back him up.

I run a my own contracting business. The key to bringing in a project on time and on budget is doing your due diligence and your homework, and building contingencies and flexibility into the project budget.

The MOE is a regulatory, standards and testing body. They don't build anything. The MTO (isn't that what you meant) THE MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION, likewise does not do any of its own projects they are put to tender and delivered by private companies.

The City of Hamilton is in fact the defacto anchor tenant as it uses Ivor Wynne over 200 dates a year. This fact will not change at WH and meets one of the criteria that creates a legacy facility. Mr Young's vision of Bob World on the East Mountain would become an Island to Capitalism with no benefit to the larger community which does not meet Pan Am legacy criteria.

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