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By Robbie K (anonymous) | Posted August 13, 2010 at 20:58:09

@IronBalls, Agreed. I don't think either one (Bob or Fred) really came into this expecting this outcome. Bob is (rightfully so) looking to make some cash, Fred has a grand idea of what downtown should be, it takes a ton of work and sacrafice to build a downtown with some "critical mass to it". It really is a shame it dosent all line up nicely (right now at least).

Its hard to say what gets said behind closed doors, but Bob "appears" to be pulling a lot of last second tricks. I totally understand the viewpoint of "hey guys, this west harbour is not going to work", but when he presents it, it just dosent seem genuwine. I understand hes not trying to threaten , hes just being realistic and honest, but his delivery is EXTREMELY poor. Funny, the last couple of days he has been so much better.

Fred on the other hand, is stearing the ship towards the WH, really honestly wanting it to work. I really hope it does, it's great for the city, just DAM, wouldent it be nice if it worked for the TiCats, we totally would not be in this mess. I guess to say it a final way. If the TiCats liked the WH, I think you would have ALOT more acceptance of the spot. There are very few that prefer the EM because it actually is a better spot, its more because they want to support (not loose the TiCats) - Nothing wrong with that.

I just hope everything aligns.

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