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By brian (registered) | Posted September 01, 2010 at 12:41:40

Yes Montreal has had 2 grey cups since the present owner purchased the team in 1997. Still for 13 seasons he played in a 20,000 seat stadium. He paid 6 million for the current upgrade to add 5,000 seats and other cost wiped out any profit he made from hosting the 2 grey cups. They did add luxury boxes as well.The prime tickets you talk about are not a big portion of the stadium as well. The Ticats since Bob Young has owned the team has averaged more than Montreal up to 2009..The top 4 Ticat price levels take up more than 75% of the stadium and 3 out 4 of those are more than the Montreal ones.

Ticat season ticket prices 700-550-380-300- 195-150-125

Montreal (Super-platinum 1175 - Super Gold 1015) 740-535-355-240-199

Saskatchewan 572-528-466-343 (students) 343 (seniors)

Argos 630-540-386-224-161

Edmonton 500-450-390-329-294-209

Calgary 539-479-419-289-179-139

Winnipeg (single tickets) 64.50-58.25-46.50-32.75-19.25

Bc Lions (10 game flex pack pricing) Silver 350 Bronze 250

ticats *All individual game tickets will include an additional $2 Facility Fee. The top 4 ticat price levels take more than 75% of the stadium..the last 3 ticket levels, family zone, end zone and a small red section arent many seats. Ive already heard that the Ticat tickets are so much cheaper than the rest of the CFL it isnt true it was when Bob Young got the team. Ask any ticat fan how much those tickets have increased since 2004. The Labor day also has a increase for ticket prices.

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