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By bobinnes (registered) - website | Posted September 23, 2010 at 00:00:49

This story should have included a link so we can see exactly where Neare and Farr Islands are. If it is the same stink rocks I recall as a former windsurfer, I would be only too happy to get rid of them. There are too few launch points for windsurfers onto the Bay as it is, despite City promo brochures which always show a windsurfer action shot indicating what a fun city we are supposed to have. One of the best launch points is off the CCIW property with prevailing sail paths passing right by these islands (assuming i'm correct in my guess as to location) Unfortunately, the smell and unsafe shit filled water were a big part of me giving up my enjoyment of this fabulous sport.

I had thought the problem was simply the long standing birder-sailor war which sailors usually lose to fanatic intolerant birders.

Now you are bringing in an invasive species argument. Enviro gestapo types do that -- humans and human enjoyment is nowhere to be found on their list of priorities. So whatever argument is handy gets used.

The invasive species thing is a real war I might have sympathy for. Australia comes to mind. Unfortunately, the war is more or less lost barring a huge shift in public and economic sentiment. Tanker bilge water and mobile pleasure craft are the culprits. Cormorants are not the fix. The elephant problem is international trade. Hefty fines on sloppy captains were not applied and its probably too late. Besides, we windsurfers are mighty grateful for all those invasive zebra mussels cleaning up the water column. You might want more cormorants, I want more zebra mussels, especially Neare Farr!

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