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By zippo (registered) | Posted September 23, 2010 at 09:24:23

A few points here:

The Double crested Cormorant is by no means a threatened species. It's conservation classification by the "International Union for Conservation of Nature" is "Least Concern", that puts it in the same group as pigeons, human beings, and the common house mouse.

This is not the only Cormorant colony in the harbor, they also nest along the North west shoreline near Carroll's Point (easy to find, just look for the dead and dying trees along the shore), and on Hickory island in Princess Point (which used to be a wonderful verdant place to paddle to in a canoe and is now a mound of bare earth due to the destructive effect of the Cormorants droppings on the vegetation). There is no reason on the face of it to assume that disruption of the east harbor colony will impact these other 2 areas.

When the story author, Paul, makes a statement in the comments like: "Overpopulation causes starvation and ilnness (Sic.) none of which is evident here so there is no need for population control." he really shows the shallowness of his position. From that perspective you could say that there was no Carp overpopulation problem in Princess Point marsh prior to the construction of the Carp exclusion barrier because as a whole the Carp were not sick or starving.

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