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By Paul (registered) | Posted September 23, 2010 at 10:30:03


Just because a species is not threatened does not mean we have any special right to cause them harm.

Carp are a different issue and cannot be compared. Cormorants are not having the same kind of impactand Cormorants are a native species unlike carp.

The fact is cormorants like most living species depend on habitat and food to survive. They are their true limiters (aside from mass killing by people). It may be somewhat of a simplification but that issue alone can take pages to explain.

People keep saying the cormorants are over-populated but this has not been proven.

They may not be the birds you want but since when is that a reason to try to control a population?

We need to control our own impact before deciding on others. If you look at the horizon, is it corrupted by cormorants or heavy industry? what smells more 1 small island or the heavy plumes of pollution filling our air, the chemicals polluting our water? We wreck far more than any bird and while we might not like what they do to their nesting grounds we do not know the net impact in the overall picture.

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