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By Paul (registered) | Posted September 25, 2010 at 10:50:57

You can spout studies but have you read them? None truly assess the effect on avian wildlife and none actually study removing the entire island. They recommend modifying the island and again this is to lower cormornant numbers. There are still no reports assessing the actual effect on either fish or birds, just assumptions. That is not a scientific aproach. the closest is the Indian Creek Study but it only outlines some posibilities good and bad and reccomends modifying the island if chemicals do not work in order to lower cormorant numbers. None suggest the total removal of the island.

So why are you so hard up against cormorants? Can you not actually believe they have value and the HPA might actually not have done all they could? They might have done all they legally need to but that is not the same thing. Believe it or not noone neither myself and definitely not the HPA are infallible.

The main reason for this project is to rid the area of cormorants and this is being done without assessing the real impact because they appear to feel there is no need and the cormorants will just go away. But this has not been looked at with any depth nor has any planning for what will happen if they do not leave and push into other areas they wish to protect.

If you can show me an actual study that comes from the HPA that proves me wrong rather than just quoting, I would be happy to see it. It took me weeks to get what information I could from the HPA because they were not very forthcoming. I do not take what I write lightly.

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