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By Smarter Than This (anonymous) | Posted September 26, 2010 at 21:12:36

Funny that a special interest group is protesting that other special interest groups are being catered too. Peaceful Parks is hardly a credible organization, and the fact they have to resort to claiming that birds that aren't historically native locally need to be protected versus native fish species shows both an anthropomorphic bias and flies in the face of all their previous statements about both cormorants or fish.

PPC: A benefit of cormorants is they eat invasive alewife.
Real World: Alewife have been in Lake Ontario longer than cormorants in Hamilton Harbour.

PPC: Stocking Pacific salmon and non-native trout to control alewife and for fishing opportunities is evil and not ecologically sound.
Real World: So some non-natives are more equal than others?

And how do cormorants on a couple of islands (while existing int he hundreds of thousands elsewhere) represent biodiversity loss vs. fish species that are almost gone from Lake Ontario, particularly western Lake Ontario?

Peaceful Parks and this opinion piece are just anti-hunting and anti-fishing agendas looking for anything to latch onto, irrespective of science or logic.

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