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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted September 29, 2010 at 09:41:24

The stated "willingness" of the Ti-Cats is an insult that surely even some of our mouth-breathing Councillors will see? Likely not.

I suspect there will be all kinds of "Kudos to Chris Murray and his team for moving the ball forward." And lots of, "I'm pleased to see that everybody is back at the table.", even though the City bought the table and the Ti-Cats are renting the table back to the City, not to mention charging us for glasses of water consumed by City staff during the negotiations.

This is worse than bad. I'm afraid it's time to move on. Stop wasting staff time and our money on chasing nonsense. This whole thing is like a Polaroid photo in reverse. It started out fully developed and has been fading into nothing ever since. Say no to HostCo. It's time for the Cats to move their litter box to another community. This is not the outcome I wanted, but when the "partners" consistently don't play fair, you get up from the negotiating table and leave, not as theatre, but as a matter of principle.

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