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By jason (registered) | Posted October 05, 2010 at 22:12:17

I found this beauty response from Mr Greco when asked if he supports LRT or not:

Greco, Tony. Yes This will probably be the most important injection of Federal and Provincial money to the City of Hamilton over the next 20 years. This transit will be a catalyst to the future development of the City. It will not only better tie the city but will the source of much of our growth.

So, on one hand he gives the politically correct answer (and I'm pleased that saying 'yes' to LRT has become the logical response in Hamilton in 2010) but on the other hand he rips into a modest 7 storey condo building being built on the site of an old boarded up fast food restaurant.
You can't have it both ways. in his LRT answer he mentions "catalyst for future development". What type of development does he suggest? Are no empty Hortons stores along the LRT route allowed to become high end condos? Are buildings only allowed to be 3 stories high like in the Ancaster neighbourhood where he lives? Sorry Tony, but LRT brings in real, urban development. Condos, infill, towers in appropriate spots, hotels, office buildings etc......

Too many people and politicians in Hamilton only give lip service to urban revitalization and LRT oriented development. They all love going to Vancouver and Portland and drooling over all the cranes in their downtowns, but then come back here and balk at a 7 storey condo on a major street next to a 6 storey building.

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