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By t__thinker16 (registered) | Posted None at

Hi! I just wanted to say that I agree with everything in your article, it's all pretty much common sense, but I fail to see the link between smoking, drive-thrus, and pit-bulls. I am father of four children aged 1-7. We have a 3year old pit-bull we've had since she was a pup. She has never tried to hurt any of our kids, they can hang from her ears and she drags em around the house playing with them. The most likely dogs to "snap" are golden retrievers and cocker spaniels. Some people make their dogs mean and fight them and they should be punished. Our dog has been raised to be friendly but at the same time if anyone would break-in or try to hurt any of us she would tear them a new #@!, with about a 2,000 psi bite:)

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