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By Rob Moffatt (anonymous) | Posted February 06, 2007 at 06:24:19

The hypocracy of HSR is incredible!!! Posting Hate requesting passengers butt out long before boarding in order to "protect" the operator and passengers from the "dangers" of Second Hand Smoke.

the "dangers" of "Second Hand Smoke" are yet to be proven by real science yet diesel exhaust has been PROVEN to cause various forms of Cancer and other serious ailments.

I contacted HSR to voice my concerns regarding their new purchase and that they did not order the pollution filters for their previous busses indicating they have no real concern for anyone's health or safety and was repeatedly hung up on by one extremely rude woman who refuses to give her name so I can make an offical complaint against her!!

What protection does HSR offer it's operators and passengers from the dangers of inhaling exhaust fumes from that very same bus as well as all the other vehicles on the roads as well as major industries???

Those who live in Glass Houses should NOT throw stones....

Rob Moffatt
SCAMilton, BANtario

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