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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted November 24, 2010 at 22:48:10

Ryan, I'm confused about whether or not you think twisty roads are a good or bad idea.

When traffic engineers took over street design, they started designing big, wide, straight streets for 'safety'. When they discovered that motorists responded to streets that were designed like highways by speeding, the engineers introduced the bends, squiggles, crescents and other sprawl street designs to try and counteract the psychological signal to speed in residential areas. The result is a network of suburban spaghetti platters connected by arterial bottlenecks that is unnavigable to anyone but a motorist.

I prefer streets designed with psychological signals to slow down: narrow lanes, curbside parking, overhanging trees, bike lanes, bump-outs at intersections, and so on. (In reality I'd love to see something like Hans Monderman's Shared Space design, but that's so far beyond the status quo in Hamilton that I won't even bother advocating it.) On a larger scale, I like a grid network with short blocks because it provides maximum anywhere-to-anywhere transportation options via multiple modes.

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