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By Take Times (anonymous) | Posted November 25, 2010 at 07:40:10

Too many people wanting things to happen in a blink of an eye. Things take time people as far as houses being fixed up. Its slowly happening. I just moved into ward 2 from spending my whole life on the east mountain. I love living here and wouldn't move back up the mountian unless the wife made a big argument for it which she won't. Shes not even from here and she loves living down here too. anyway almost every weekend from the balcony we hear people working on there homes throught the neighbourhood. But all this stuff takes time.

To the guy who said that his friend live in Ancaster and things everyone in the lower city is poor. let him know a couple of things. first off that me and my wife make plenty of $$$ and aren't living below poverty and aren't relying on any other income then what we work hard for. Also that atleast one couple from Ancaster is moving down to the the Loft developemts on Murry St should it be developed as planned.

Also who the person at the top who posted about the Meadowlands (as much as i hate that place) 1.5km shouldn't be considered far, if it is then your lazy.

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