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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted December 23, 2010 at 12:38:07

Great piece, Jason. You make it hard to really argue. My feeling is that the Cats tried to get what they ultimately wanted, but will say yes to West Harbour if council stands their ground one final time and tells the Cats it's fix up Ivor Wynne and forego the games, or West Harbor. If both scenerios mean you have to leave, than that is an unfortunate result that 'you' can hold over your heads. The majority of Hamiltonian's have spoke I believe. WH or Ivor Wynne, and really, how much of the support they have amongst their fans for CP and East Mountain and Confed Park, is really because that's wha the Cats want and they want what they want. If the Cats agree to either of the above 2 locations, the fans will be happy either way because the Cats are happy. That's my two cents.

One other thing, Ivor Wynne is very accessible to the highway. :) Gage, Sherman, Ottawa St - all lead to Burlington street which is mere minutes from access to the QEW, 403, and Red Hill. It would also be in very close proximatey to both the LRT, and the GO lines. Sorry, just had to throw that in there. ;)

I do support Terry Whiteheads statement. Offer them West Harbor one final time. We are not the laughing stock if we lose the Games. We are city that knows what we want and stands our ground. I think both sides have played some hard ball - balls once again in our court.

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