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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted December 24, 2010 at 10:55:12

With all of the Regina, Saskatchewan, Calgary guys coming here and suddenly showing interest in our stadium I'm going to re-post something I wrote on another thread:

Just an interesting side note. AFI is a security company whose specialty is to manage strike/lockouts for corporations; everything from food, logistics, security and also... blogging on community boards.AFI hires professional bloggers to manage and counteract any anti-corporation sentiments. I know this because I am one of the USW 1005 workers locked-out of US Steel, AFI has been retained by US Steel. The AFI professional bloggers were a huge problem in the very recent strike at Vale Inco in Sudbury.So I guess what I'm saying is be cautious of any new names you see popping up that seem very well informed. Corporations like Bob Young Inc. are very aware and experienced at monitoring and managing their issues on the internet. The new person may be a sincere and interested contrarian, or maybe they are not.

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