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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted January 04, 2011 at 11:47:16

I find it interesting that Sheryl Nadler of The Spectator is the Editor of Open File Hamilton. Did she leave The Spec and even if she did are there loyalties there? I have the same questions when Mark and Donna of Face-Off drag out John Best of The Bay Observer to provide 'expert opinions'. John was the former news director of CHCH, a little insular IMHO.

I have talked before of a high school teacher who taught Media Studies to me, he changed my life forever. I thought it was a basket weaving course until he started to peel back the layers of manipulation that regularly occur from media companies. His core message," Never accept what any media serves up as outright fact. You are being manipulated constantly, be an aware consumer and use the manipulations to your advantage to form your own unique conclusions." Magazines, newspapers, movie, TV, advertising... he deconstructed it all from the left, right and center and taught us how to recognize the BS from the facts. Ryan, the one thing I learned was what you said,"readers/viewers should be skeptical of everything they see in the media." Notice how I chopped out some of the quote and changed the context, be skeptical of that.

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