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By Multi sport facilities (anonymous) | Posted January 06, 2011 at 23:26:04

@Trey my comment above about a soccer pitch indoors was not specific enough. I hadnt meant it to Be a full size pitch but a smaller indoor training facility. My thoughts were if you want to attract the CSA then give them year round training options. Chicago's velodrome is more than just cycling. It has a pool too for example and links to outdoor MTB trails. Ever since the ticats got rid of T&F in Hamilton for pan am thus discussion has been only about football when our panam facilities should be about our community amateur sport legacy. And that means multipurpose, multi sport facilities. The velodrome won't have people cycling 24/7 so think outside the box on how to increase community use. More community use means more people and more investment. An indoor track for running too for example. It need not be official size but would be used regardless of its length because the region has limited indoor running facilities too. heck Hamilton lacks suitable outdoor track facilities. Too bad the pool likely going to Mac couldn't be in the same facility in an adjacent building. It would become a triathlon training meccha in the winter.

Build facilities that The community will use. It is a better investment than another large football stadium. That was the intent of my posting above.

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