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By Serendipity (registered) | Posted January 07, 2011 at 10:47:50

A world class velodrome/athletic centre and amphitheatre with mixed residential would be brilliant for the WH. But any more mention of a stadium, scalable or not, is a wash and a waste of this prime locale.

Please remember that Council turned down the smaller stadium in previous deliberations. Case closed.

Let us all remember however that there is a weighty amateur sport component that needs to be attached. That means the community use. And, since the stadium is on the boundary of the RED ZONE, with 40% plus poverty rate, I'd like to hear from those here and at the City, how a world class velodrome will be accessible to the thousands of kids who live a stone's throw away from same.

Of course, for WH stadium die-hards, same question: How will the local communities - North ENd, Barton Tiffany, the core (Code REd) - benefit from a small scale stadium?

Will we agree to subsidize each and every family who cannot afford to use/be admitted to a world class velodrome/stadium use/amphitheatre (if not free?) in order that even the poor can be part of an amatuer sport legacy?

So many more needs than wants to be answered.

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