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By whitehorse (registered) | Posted January 07, 2011 at 11:18:43

AndreaC quote:

So looks like our last best chance at securing the provincial and federal funds (and building a real legacy for amateur sports in our community)is for Hamilton City Council to put forward a proposal for a small community stadium/athletics centre and velodrome on the West Harbour.

What does everyone say to a rally at City Hall ahead of the council meeting which is at 7pm on Wednesday, January 12th? Say everyone meets up at 6.30 and then packs council chambers afterwards?

Once everyone has agreed as to the logistics, I can post it as an event on this site...

Please! Please AndreaC, please organize a Rally as you stated above to show our support for a scalable stadium at West Harbour!!! We have to make the City Councillors HEAR OUR VOICE FOR THE BRIGHT FUTURE OF OUR YOUNG HAMILTONIANS & OUR BELOVED HAMILTON CITY !!!

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