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By Serendipity (registered) | Posted January 07, 2011 at 14:10:00

Andrea and mrjanitor, I'd like to suggest you both read the following COW report for it addresses community use, as both the City and we here in Ward 2 understand it - ie, a Community Access Agreement allowing community use (of facilities) that the folks in Westdale have received or will in near future. Concerning community use again, please read the 100-plus page report from Hamilton Tourism and City that waxes poetically about the benefits to be had for all in the ward 2 and surrounding local community use.

mrjanitor, report below states that IWS and future plans will be dealt with the local community, ward 3. Perhaps you can contact Chris Murray and ask him if such a local committee has been put together. If not, I think you're the man to facilitate its creation. Good luck with that - a lot of work ahead for you and others but well worth the effort my friend.

Committee of the Whole Report, February 3, 2009, Submitted by Chris Murray, City Manager. Subject: International Event Opportunities – 2015 Pan Am Games Bid Update CM09006 (City Wide)

Pg 12 of 26 ( whole report is 44 pages long) The BIDCO is working with McMaster University to construct a 50m pool for Hamilton. A pool at the University would link athletics, high performance sport, rehabilitation, as well as community recreation use. Currently, 56% of the use of the existing pool at McMaster (which includes a 50 yard pool) is by the community, and a community access agreement would be put in place to ensure community use of the new facility.

I am most certain that more than 56% of ward 2 residents, local community use, would sign up for an athletic centre. Hell, we'll even sign up for community use at the velodrome too once someone tells us what the hell we could do there.

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