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By slodrive (registered) | Posted January 07, 2011 at 14:53:22

@anonymous Yup, totally agree with you. What I was alluding to was the impressionable cohort where many life-opinions are based. And trust me (as one of those said marketeers) the 18-35 is where (in most image-based brands) you harvest what you planted. Some beer brands come to mind.

But yes, I would say I totally subscribe to what you and Professor Rosentraub are presenting here. This is why I'm of the belief that it's the Ticats, not the city or neighbours, who will be missing out by not choosing the West Harbour. (Edit -- provided the site could actually accommodate a stadium expandable for Grey Cups.) Personally, I think the areas potential may be impeded by a stadium -- simply because it seems like such a great place for residential/ commercial development. For a sports brand, you'd be able to weave yourself right into the fabric of a very exciting and positive part of the community.

That's an incredibly valuable opportunity when it comes to solidifying the attachment to a brand that relies so much on emotion.

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