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By wentworthst (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2011 at 12:12:45

UPDATE: This was the statement from Mammoet on RTH's coverage:


With respect to your inquiry relating to the move of the Molson-Coors beer vats, Challenger Motor Freight is responsible for all press releases and media contact as the original contract started here and previous announcement were already in place.

It was the directive of Molson Coors and agreed to by all partners/stakeholders involved to have one central point of contact. A massive undertaking such as this requires expertise from various company teams (Challenger, Mammoet, Anderson, lighting, sign companies etc) plus stakeholders to ensure a safe trip.

It is indeed a spectacular and interesting transport. Unfortunately it’s taking more time than expected. It’s pretty rough on all the guys (escort-, transport-, and wire lifting crew) with the cold weather.

As long as they all keep working together as a team, they will bring this project to a success. It’s great to see the interest and excitement (especially with all the small kids watching including the big daddies) on route.

I would not classify this as a dangerous move as long as every person keeps working the plan. There are many controls and safety matters in place. We would rather take a bit more time and play it safe than rush and compromise safety of any person on the team or bystander.

B Schuring,
Mammoet Canada Eastern Ltd.
Project Manager

ADD: Just IMHO, this company is pretty amazing, if you get the chance to see the complex and unique work they do. I feel lucky to have met them on this (and we continue to correspond, just for interest's sake, the work they do world-wide).

Seriously-- Mammoet's off to drag up 70 sunken ships from a Mauretanian Bay...

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