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By Council:"show us the Money". (anonymous) | Posted January 12, 2011 at 12:42:46

One forgotten fact of this saga is that when Mayor Fred and Council voted to proceed at the West Harbour they had no idea where they were going to find the missing $50-100 million dollars. WH requires Environmental assessments, clean up, zoning changes, sewer system work, street reconfigurations, and 10,000 seats that the Ivor Wynne site does not require.

PanAm had reduced their funding contribution to being adequate for only a 15,000 seat stadium. No one had figured out where the money was going to come from to build the missing 10,000 seats to get the stadium to 25,000 seats that the sports teams (football, soccer, whatever) using the Stadium were going to need. But the North stands at Ivor Wynne are in good shape, so all the City and Hostco have to build there are the 15,000 seats already budgeted.

The only reason Bratina is pushing building the PanAm stadium at Ivor Wynne is because he looked at the numbers and realized that it is the only option given that the City only has $115 million to work with.

I suspect despite all our frustrations with the process of this debate over the last year, council is going to vote for this because, at the end of the day, they are responsible people who understand that the only way to actually get something built is to know in advance that you have the money necessary to build it.

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