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By mb (registered) | Posted January 22, 2011 at 23:53:45

Good luck to every single citizen in this great city. There's a fork in the road and the path our Councillors select on our behalf will have significant implications well beyond the term of this, and many subsequent, Councils.

Geez, calm down. It's just a parcel of land! No offense, but people on this site act as if the future of Hamilton is strictly dependent on remediation of the Rheem site.

Relax. Whether it gets remediated now or in the future or never, the sun will rise and Hamilton will survive.

Do you think the ward 2 and 7 councilors will be able to grasp this or continue to wear their cheer leading uniforms at council meetings.

Ward 7? Scott Duvall? He's pretty level-headed through all this. I've emailed him many times (I'm a ward 7 constituent), and by no means does he wear black and gold coloured glasses.

Maybe you're thinking of Tom Jackson in Ward 6?

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