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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted January 25, 2011 at 15:37:23

@Undustrial - to clarify, only one of these eleven incidents occurred on a one-way street. I do believe there was a fatality on Main in '09 (a man on a mobility scooter trying to cross an intersection with no lights) and there was a bad accident on King this year (a woman on an e-bike tried to cross King mid-street where there were no traffic lights nearby), there were no fatalities on Hamilton's downtown highways this year.

Although it has been mentioned elsewhere, there aren't a lot of pedestrians on those either.

The only common thread I can find in the fatalities is the blamelessness(?) of the pedestrians (the cyclists are more ambiguous, like poor Blane Morden biking on the sidewalk) - these are people crossing at crosswalks, or even just on the sidewalk. One man tripped and fell off the street, but everybody else was exactly where they were supposed to be, and died anyways. You'd expect toe hear more "oh, they were jay-walking" or "they were running against a red light" or "the poor little kid darted out into traffic" but no. Just people mowed down senselessly.

Hug your kids/spouse/whatever, folks.

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