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By jonathan (registered) | Posted January 27, 2011 at 17:21:05

One other thing to add.

Much has been said on this site regarding our lack of pedestrian crosswalks. And I agree--we could certainly use more.

However, human nature is human nature. Put a cross-walk in, and I guarantee, someone will jaywalk 50' down the street from it. As I witnessed today. Twice. I do believe the lady killed yesterday morning in Toronto was jaywalking less than 100' from a signalized crosswalk. So suggesting that crosswalks will help, while true, is a bit misleading.

edit was a 79-yr-old gentleman, and he's in critical condition at the hospital. I can't find any specific reference to the crosswalk, however that is what was being reported on 680 News this morning.

And I still contend that jaywalking, which we as a society seem to be obsessed with, is significantly safer on a one-way street than on a two-way.

(Oh...and one thing that hasn't been mentioned regarding the study referenced 80+% of the accidents, no charges were laid against the driver...cough...)

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