Comment 62972

By just me (anonymous) | Posted May 02, 2011 at 17:36:08

What if RTH offered a signaling system, so that by and in the 3rd trolled message, the troller could select the "troll alert" signal--anything RTH thinks appropriate--there could be a contest--maybe a caricature of Dreschel, say, or a commonly accepted proctological symbol might work. This would alert the sought-after trollees [most of us] to IGNORE! IGNORE! Surely most trollers would agree to this system since they are surely proud of their space-gobbling "work" and would want to show off even more. What you all think?

Also, a friend says that bin Laden's death--killing, other like words--just last night could play to some voting good for Harper, depressingly. At least Harper was and had to be constrained in his response unless he appeared to be milking the events for advantage. Depressing also to see people cheering the killing. It's not a contest. People cheered when WWII was over; everyone was exhausted--but they were relieved when they heard Hitler was dead.

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