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By Mogadon Meglodon (anonymous) | Posted May 13, 2011 at 09:06:25

Glad that someone's tackling the Crazy Horse, but office space is not something I would have thought underserved. I guess the "luxury" aspect is what differentiates it. Guessing that this will be Lister-grade office space, and if so it makes sense to have it right next to the Sopinka – they've been trying to push this very outcome for years now (eg. the sign describing it as the Jury Box or whatever).

Western downtown has historically been much more attractive for private investment. Even fast-food outlets and nightclubs shuffled further east over the decades (eg. McDonalds moving into the west end of Jackson Square from King and John in the late 80s, Fever closing as the owners' holdings in Hess Village proved infinitely more lucrative). This investment dynamic is partly why the Century 21 building was handicapped as a commercial foothold – the professionals vamoosed en masse not long after it was completed – the Spec, for instance, moved to Frid Street within a couple of years of the building's opening.

Hopefully that old investment logic is being challenged in ways that would see the core bloom again, and that these moves inspire more private investment and create good-paying private sector jobs. Those density targets aren't going to get crushed by themselves.

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