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By capper1134 (anonymous) | Posted May 18, 2011 at 17:55:04

I live in Burlinton and have fished the area from Indian creek to Inland waters for 30+ years.. Every day a canoe with CANADA on the side of it goes out to the islands Spraying Goose eggs ,Spraying Swan eggs, and removes Cormorant nests and Gull nests from the Islands.. These islands are here for the hundred or so Pairs of Turns and that is the bottom line. Now that the small island has been removed the birds have moved to the tree line at Indian Creek. Here no one will do anything to control them. These trees are closer than the Island was to homes. This treed area was the roosting area for the Night Herons that have now been misplaced. Is the 100 or so pairs of turns worth the stinky mess that has been created.... NO
The RBG set up a fish barrier as it is not manned enough to let large enough amounts of fish to pass to say it is doing any good for anything but to block fish...ALL fish from reaching spawning grounds. The RGB nest and kills thousands of Carp by leaving them on shore to rott and when caught nothing is done to them. They have created a line of Xmass trees to keep carp from the spawning areas along a Trout run creek Why are these Cormorants so special. Go to Vallens or Mountsburg or any farm pound and the Cormorants are there eating anything they can catch. Most Suckers caught in Dundas have beak marks on them. We need to talk fact and not some Model that someone in an office came up with. When there are no fish left and all the trees are dead it will be too late.

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