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By David (anonymous) | Posted April 20, 2007 at 03:52:13

Without oil sales, on which the Dollar is based now in lieu of gold, the dollar would crumble like a rock - it depends on oil sales, not alternative fuels. The US is a lot more worried about supporting the Dollar than it is prices at the pump.

Everyone needs to see that video Ryan posted above to be brought up to speed.

Ryan... a newspaper article I read indicated that suddenly - a major reversal from their position 2 years ago - almost all of the Middle East is interested in Nuclear power, including Saudi Arabia. Some believe this is to be in competition with Iran's progress on the issue, but other word has it that the Saudis say it is to be prepared for the day oil ceases to flow - and Matt Simmons says their fields are already in decline. It really gave Iran's claim about nuclear power pretenses some credibility. Perhaps the whole issue generated by the US about nuclear weapons in Iran is conpletely manufactured. And if the article is true about the oil connection, it confirms Simmon's analysis.

With the whole world embracing Iran's plan to move away from the Dollar in oil sales, the US may be too late to do anything about it, or generate a lot of world dissent if they try.

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